Jun 28, 2009

Government Gone Wild!

Come on people, are we that dense that we actually believe the illustration below? I mean honestly have we gone completely brain-dead, turned into sheep & do what the government un-elites tell you to do. These are the same people that couldn;t make it in the real world. OBAMA? Give me a break, what has he really accomplished? He has no expirience in anything whatsoever! Bernanke, has read books his whole life, and apprently he didn;t understand a single word he read.

Let's take a walk in the park from bretton woods to possibly total destruction of the currency. Post Bretton Woods, the dollar became the reserve currency, thus making it attractive for foreign goverments to hold. Then it was only natural for president after president to push our debt on foreigners, such that they could accomplish their goals during their brief period in office.....

That was all well and good until it came time to pay the piper. Our Interest Payments alone will be 350-400 billion in 09', 600-800 in 2010 and over 1 trillion in '11, all assuming we don't borrow 1 more penny. Well we did, this was up until march of this year

The large debt accumulation, allowed us to live way beyond our means for a pro-longed period of time. We had gone from the largest creditor nation in the early 20th century to the largest debtor nation in the 21st. The graph below shows are mentality that we could print and borrow our way to prosperity without actually producing anything.

Apprently, The FED think increasing our money supply will get us out of this funk. Well all I can see, what the fuck are you smoking?

This was just a small glimpse into the severity of the coming currency crisis. The endgame will be massive inflation (possibly hyperinflation) which will turn millionaires into bums, your average working american to poverty and well I think I made my point.

Buy Real Assets: Precious Metals, Agriculture, Oil & Borrow money to the hilt if you can service it for a reasonable amount of time.

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