Feb 9, 2011

Treasure Hunting Update III

We have gotten great feedback from the report thus far and the positive reviews keep rolling in. Financial sense, Peters Schiff and now David Morgan have started promoting the report which has been re-vamped and upgraded so that the valuation table updates in real-time. I have also updated various content such as the physical constraints in the physical markets via the shape of the futures curve and the corresponding convenience yield. The production-consumption numbers have also been updated along with the COT reports, which I go line by line explaining the meaning of each line item in laymen;s terms. Our top pick gold and silver miner picks are up double digits from the start of the year despite the rather large correction in gold. To learn more about the content feel free to email me at marchese.chris@gmail.com or click here for reviews of the report. Below is a landing page in case you're interested in purchasing the report. 

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About the report: The housing market continues to slide, the value of the US dollar is declining and the bond market is in a bubble. One of the few industries doing well in a declining market is the natural resources industry, but specifically the mining industry.

The gold and silver market in a secular bull trend, so the mining industry will greatly benefit from the increase in price. However, analyzing the mining companies can be tough so my colleague, Chris Marchese (who runs a hedge fund in California), and myself put together an unique report.
Treasure Hunting for Precious Metals Stock discussed reasons to invest in gold and silver mining stocks and our TOP 13 MOST UNDERVALUED STOCK!! You will be amazed how much upside the bull market in gold and silver market has left once you read our report.
The report offers our top 3 reasons to invest in mining stocks and a complete breakdown of each of our stock picks along with a valuation table that will show you how these stocks are undervalued by percentage and amount in 2011.
The report is for guidance on how to profit in the mining industry by looking for quality mining companies with great management, mines and high grade metals.
We are not charging a few hundreds or thousands dollars for this report. We want everybody to buy this report at an affordable price so we are offering this report for only $32.00.
Testimonials from Top Experts
“Investors in search of a relatively safe harbor from the storm that is the fiat currency market look no further than the gold and silver market.  And in a sea of dis-information Mo and Chris help to direct to new and seasoned metals investor alike in the best direction.  The concise and easy to understand report has some of the best analysis and research I have seen, and I have seen a lot.  The complete valuation guide is a MUST HAVE for every investor and will save you countless hours of time and effort.  This report should cost 10 times as much so grab onto the report this holiday season and give yourself the biggest gift ever. Peace of mind and profitable protection in the silver and gold.”
-Kevin Kerr, Founder and President of Kerr Trading International
“The government and Fed are at it again, you’ve undoubtedly noticed, and gold bulls are calling for the metal to top $2,000 per ounce — with some calling for prices thousands of dollars higher than that. The situation led co-authors Mo Dawoud and Chris Marchese to write Treasure Hunting for Precious Metals Stock, a 32-page report focused on which companies will most benefit from the upward trajectory of the metals market.”
-Jason Kelly, Financial Author and Commentator, www.jasonkelly.com

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